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Cat and kitten FAQ

classifiedHow do I enter in telepathic contact with a cat ?

Not all humans have medium powers. If you do, you can, if permitted, enter in telepathic contact with your cat. Not all cats have medium powers ! Some cats look smarter than others, isn't it ? If you're already a high priest you can use sacred herbs to extend your medium sensitivity. Call the "smart" cat mentally, and get down on your knees in front of the cat and start preying Bast. Look the cat right in the eyes and blink your eyes slowly seven times. The cat should half-close its eyes and will keep looking at you without moving during all the transmission. (This could last 3 or 4 minutes). If this happens, have no fear, you will probably understand cats as messengers.

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classifiedHow to perform divination arts with your cat ?

If you were already successful establishing the telepathic contact it should be easy. When you are at this high level of understanding, ask the cat the question, he will answer either with a "meaow" or by moving his head or body. By interpreting this gestures you will get the answer. If you are in direct telepathic contact right thru his eyes you will get the answer directly. One can also you objects such as divination cards and ask the cat to get a card ! There is no limits ! Feel free to experiment !

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classifiedHow to give a cat a pill ? (Crushed pill method)

Crush the pill and mix it with some olive oil or other vegetable oil. Spread this mix on some part of the cat fur. The cat will lick it for sure ! ALWAYS GIVE PLENTY OF WATER TO YOUR CAT TO HELP HIM SWALLOW !

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classifiedHow to give a cat a pill ? (Hidden in the food method)

Crush the pill and mix with your cat favorite food (thuna for example). Be sure to check with your vet if the food is compatible with your cat diet. ALWAYS GIVE PLENTY OF WATER TO YOUR CAT TO HELP HIM SWALLOW !

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classifiedHow to give a cat a pill ? (Opened jaws method)

Wear gloves and any other clothes required to avoid being scratched. Grab the cat jaws by the side with two fingers and press to make him open his jaws. With your other hand send the pill far away in mounth to reach his throat. Close his mouth and keep it closed for a while massaging him kindly your cat to make him swallow.

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classifiedWhich food should I avoid for my cat ?

- Too much boneless meat: unbalanced.
- Too much vegetables: unbalanced.
- Small bones: can be dangerous.
- Vitamin mineral supplements: can cause unbalances.
- Indutrial food: can cause dental problems and other.
- Excessive starchy food: can cause bloat.
- Chocolate, garlic, onions: toxic for domestic pets.
- Grapes, berries, raisins: toxic for domestic pets.
- Milk: causes digestive problems, diarrhea, and dental problems

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classifiedWhat is a pedigree cat ?

A pedigree cat is a cat who has a genealogy of at least 3 generations of pedigreed ancestors. To have a pedigree the cat must comply with the rules of a cat organization such as CFA, ACFA and TICA in the US.

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classifiedWhat is a non pedigree cat ?

A non pedigree cat or the domestic non pedigreed cat is a mix of different cat genetics. Some of them are very nice and smart and are in no ways inferior to pedigreed cats. In the US they are called alley cats and in the UK they are often called moby's.

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