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kitten classifieds

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In the memory of Lucy Mokrane (1965-2009). Her faith, her courage fighting AIDS during more than 20 years, her love for cats, will always be a source of inspiration. She was the most wonderful orphan kitten. Not surprisingly, she died just after the king of pop, she was a queen on the dancefloor of life.

Kittens for adoption is a free classified ad website made by cats for cats only ! Don't be afraid, we rule over the galaxy (Bast) and your retarded apes planet is one of our provinces !

Kitty (Queen Zuzu Thrak'hra) / Webmaster

Kitty (Reine Zuzu Thrak'hra)

Egyptian Mau from the Kephren of Gizeh cats bloodline.

Leo (Prince Miumiu Thrak'hra) / Web developer

Leo (Prince Miumiu Thrak'hra)

Queen Zuzu's son, mice hunter, Divine Wind Claw officer.

Panther (Prince Sirius Thrak'hra) / Staff

Panther (Prince Sirius Thrak'hra)

Queen Zuzu's son, 1st price at the rag doll race among his litter

All of this under the high authority of a living god paradoxically god of the dead (and therefore god of rebirth and consciousness awakening) : "You have to die to rebirth !"

Dieu Anubis

egyptian cat

The secret of the ancient egypt pyramids according to Leo (Prince Miumiu Thrak'hra) :
"Everything is code, everything is illusion (Maya/Hinduism)"
"Life is a video game made of 92 atoms - Everything is waves !"
"Brahmism and Abrahamism is one and the same"
"Our God is One and the Same"
"Iron, Lion, Zion !"

Leo (Prince Miumiu Thrak'hra)

"Pyramids made of electricity and magnetism"

"Greetings to the Galaxy (we are one), Pleiadians, Sirius, Anunnakis, PI, Logarithmic spiral, Audio harmony (aka Music), Science & Wisdom, the Almighty, Catch-22, the Net, Electronic Frontier, Buddhas from the future, Time travelers, Children of Bast, Real family, Five Fingers, The Hand, The End, Moses, Elder scrolls, Puzzle, Blue Blood Academy, Black Flag at Yale, Tristar systems, Sinaï, Origin, Shaolin Tigers, Mind force, Sativa SFX, Nubian Kings, Teddy Riley, Holodeck coders, Nerds World Order, The Watchers, The Mothership, Reptilian Boot Camp, The Tiger Eyes, Thought Sensors, The Google Monster, AI massive, Code freak of nature, Kephir, Young Lions, Energy, Ascend, Rise up, Rebirth... Everyone we forgot, we know who we are..."


Audio loop "Ganesh Tractor Beam (Flying Trump)" Copyright © 2008-2018 Cedric T. de Crozant de Bridiers - All rights reserved.

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